Friday, August 5, 2011

Going out with a Bang

It is go time! Wight days left in Uganda, but only one day to the big showcase of Marusacco's new brand! Tomorrow I will head out to Mafubira bright and early - public transport willing - and we will set up our market. The plan is kind of to wing it, as the last market was held as a dual program with people speaking etc. It was open to the public, but the focus was definitely on reaching out to the members. So we are changing it up a bit. We have put up posters, and hired radio advertisements to bring in more community members to the market. Hopefully more people will make the event more profitable and make it something the members want to continue in the future.

Members will also be proudly wearing their new polo shorts - the most tangible result of the branding process! Members not in the program have been asking for shirts as well, and that is exactly the reaction I was hoping for to drive the continuation of this program.

They will get their chance Monday. The final activity of my workplan is to execute an Ownership Empowerment Seminar to introduce Marusacco's new brand formally, and expand our pilot program. Actually my job for the day is to give the welcome and introduction in the beginning, then sit back and enjoy. We invited all 250 members of the Sacco, but I feel like 150 may come. Either way this will be an awesome weekend, I love seeing results! So I'm off to Marusacco to distribute more shirts!!

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